“I am not a robot”

The world of design has undergone significant changes in recent year, with the rise
of AI-generated works sparking discussions about the future of creativity
and the role that humans will play in shaping design.

As a product designer, I have been exploring ways to showcase the unique qualities that humans
bring to the design process and to prove that designers are not robots.

“I’m not a robot” project highlights the difference between robots and humans in the creation of products.
All objects are made of recycled PLA filament, which is bended and welded with a heat
(all known from 3D printers, but without using one).
This handmade process results in one-of-a-kind structures that are different and unique for each design.
By embodying the values of craftsmanship, playfulness, unpredictability, and creativity, the “I’m not a robot”
project showcases that these values are essential to the human-like design process.
Therefore, they cannot be generated by AI or created by machines, proving that designers are not robots.


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Material Recycled PLA