Instead of following the consumption fever we could
focus on rediscovering items we already purchased.
This is not an eco-trend but a true eco-awareness.

Did you ask yourself how many beautiful watches
you are hiding in the drawer?
At least a few- am I right?

The Watch-Tower is a small ceramic holder invented to show
every watch that normally is hidden from people’s sight.
It’s a simple object dedicated for everyone who
is looking for a design that combines natural materials,
minimal aesthetic, usability that involves customer as a co-designer
and the endless possibilities of customisation.
It is the user’s decision what kind of watch
will be placed inside the Watch-Tower.
Therefore, the user is the most important
and inseparable part of this design concept.

The Watch-Tower is made entirely from
glazed natural clay. The technique that
is well known for nearly 30 0000 years!
The casting mould is­ based on a hand-made sculpture,
to reach the most natural look in an industrial
production process. This is the reason why
the Watch-Tower with its wavy sides looks
like a one-off piece of art.

You don’t need to buy another watch,
you just have to use the one you hide.


6,5 x 5 x 17 cm / 2,5 x 1,9 x 6,7 inch
Material Glazed ceramic