The ELKE table is more than just contemporary design.
It also has the ability to transport you to the era of neoclassical history
and architecture! Inspired by the pillars seen in historic Greco-Roman
buildings, the ELKE comes with a marble top, and a vibrant fluted base
that looks to reinvent a common table into something that has the richness
of historic depth along with the fun of minimal, modern design!

The two-part table comes with a fluted base that harks back to historic
architecture and long pillars that formed the very entrance to some of the
most important buildings in history. At the end of this fluted column, where
one would expect the pillar’s capital, lies ELKE’s tabletop, a pristine marble
piece that comes in either white Bianco Carrara or black Nero Marquina.
This contrasts with the ELKE’s base, which comes crafted from wood and
finished with high gloss varnish in a bright, vibrant colour that immediately
grabs one’s eye!

Created as a collaborative effort with Sigur, a design brand that specializes
in working with marble and stone. The table’s name, ELKE, comes from
a Scandinavian name meaning ‘noble’, and also a word in the Dutch
language meaning ‘every’… an indication that the table’s design is for
everyone, whether it be someone who loves classical design, or someone
who loves minimalism. Iconic detail, or pristine styling.

Coffee Table ⌀80 x 35 cm / Side Table ⌀70 x 55 cm
Material Wood, marble (Bianco Carrara or Nero Marquina)
Premiere 2020