Growing up is part of our lives.
With growing up comes a better understanding of ourselves and our needs.
However, as we grow – surrounded by all kinds of naysayers whispering “it wouldn’t be proper…”
– we tend to lose our childlike curiosity and pure desire to have fun.

Psychologists say it’s vital for everyone who wants to be a happy adult to cultivate an inner child.
Why then do so many people cramp their sense of fun and curiosity?

Anyone who feels the need to relive a good childhood memory will be interested in a Rapunzel mirror.
It’s a fully functional object with endless customisation possibilities for anyone
who decides to share their brushes, hairpins and ribbons with it.
More than that, you can also get out your scissors and cut Rapunzel’s
blonde hair to start again with a new look.
Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Most importantly, perhaps, while creating and testing out new hairstyles,
Rapunzel becomes more and more human.
Like an imaginary friend. You know what I mean.

Rapunzel is an object for every adult who wants to go back in time to find,
or feed, an inner need for joy and play.

Maybe there’s no space for another Barbie doll on your desk,
but there’s definitely space for a piece of Rapunzel in your heart.


45 x 17 x 57 cm / 17,7 x 6,7 x 22 inch
Material Wood, synthetic hair