HEX modular system

Hex is a modular system built around the hexagonal shaped seating.
By adding low or high walls users, according to their needs, can create many flexible combinations- from a single pouf to a personal, acoustic-proof space for multiple people.

For few years I had a chance to work as a designer in one of the largest corporations in the world. I had a wonderful opportunity not only to work and function among all kind of personalities but also to experience many open space interiors because design department changes its office few times, and so did I.

I could observe the influence different interiors and furniture had on people’s behaviour.
I started to ask myself how the next generation of a contract furniture could look like if they will answer to the questions “how people work” and “what people need” instead of being another ordinary chair and sofa, but more durable.

In the sketch phase the idea emerged to a hexagon (that’s why the name is HEX) shape as this is one of the most modular shapes that exist in nature but has been rarely used in a soft seating design.

I think it’s a good idea to use a shape known form the honeycomb because in almost all European languages there’s an equivalent of the phrase “busy as a bee”.

Dimensions Starting from 67 x 70 x 44 cm / 26,3 x 27,57 x 17,2 inch
Material Pine wood and tablex seat structure.
Foam CMHR (high resilience and flame retardant) for all cushion filling systems.
Lacquered beech wood legs.